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Young female stock broker celebrates investment gains.

Show Off Your Skills

Beginning in 2017, CFAW developed an investment selection contest for members to put their investment skills to the test, fostering friendly competition and camaraderie across the Society.

Hosted by CFAW’s Member Engagement Committee, this contest is a great opportunity to gain recognition within the local community.

The contest runs from early spring through the end of each calendar year. Members can sign-up at any point in time to start investing their fictional $1 million seed money.

The portfolio with the highest grossing value on Dec. 31 will be declared the winner.

The winner will be given a free admission to the next Annual Dinner, where they will be recognized during remarks from the podium!

Many thanks to our committee volunteer Mehdi Zare, CFA for organizing this annual contest!





Richard Fiebrandt
Justin R. Wood, CFA (Left) with past winner Richard Fiebrandt, CFA and Immediate Past Board Chair, Matt Malone, CFA (Right) at the Annual Dinner, March 2020

Past Winners:

Brad Neumann, CFA (2018), Richard Fiebrandt, CFA (2019), Greg Kasten, CFA, CAIA (2020)

If your firm would like additional brand exposure, contact Bill Scott about sponsoring this contest!



  1. Who can enter the contest?
    CFAW Members, including student, candidate and guest members.
  2. Where can I enter the contest?
  3. Can I make multiple entries in the contest?
    Each member can only create one profile, and thus one entry, for the contest. If it’s determined that a member has created multiple profiles, he or she will be disqualified.
  4. What are my investment options for the contest?
    This year’s contest sources data from IEX, which offers over 7,000 securities.
  5. Can I compare my returns to other participants throughout the contest?
    Yes, you can see the performance of all participants, who are identified by a unique participant alias here: 
  6. How is the winner determined?
    The participant with the highest account value at year-end will be deemed the winner of the contest.
  7. Can there be a tie in the contest?
    Since contestants can alter their portfolio allocations on a daily basis, it’s almost impossible for two participants to end up with the exact same amount of money at the end of the contest. However, in such a rare case, the person who signed up first will be the winner.
  8. What is the prize?
    The winner of the contest will receive a complimentary one-year membership to CFAW, along with complimentary admission to the next CFAW Annual Dinner.
  9. Where/when will the prize be awarded?
    The winning participant will be announced at the next CFAW Annual Dinner.
  10. When is the deadline to enter the contest?
    Participants can enter the contest at any time before the end of the contest measurement period (December 31, 2021). However, a later start means less time for any given participant’s investment selections to grow.
  11. What is the performance measurement time period for my selections?
    You can start designing your portfolio right away after signing up for the contest. Accounts begin growing in value at the launch of the contest, and the final round of calculations will be performed as of midnight on December 31, 2021.
  12. Will performance include dividends?
    No. Performance will be calculated based on the value of stock retrieved from IEX.
  13. Will the selection weights be rebalanced periodically?
    Participants will have the ability to change investments throughout the contest time period by making their preferred selections via the online portal under their username.
  14. Will my portfolio be public?
    No, your portfolio will remain private and confidential. However, your performance will be made public through the scoreboard under your preferred alias. You can set your desired alias after logging in to create your account. To participate in the contest, you need to select a public alias.

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