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Call For Board Nominations

CFAW’s Board of Directors needs you!

Here is your chance to help lead the association dedicated to furthering the investment management profession.
The following Board positions are open for nominations:
  • Board Treasurer
  • Board Secretary
  • At-Large Director (2)
As a member of the CFAW Board of Directors, you will:
  • Play a significant role in advancing your profession
  • Have an opportunity to enhance the value of CFAW to the investment community
  • Access to up-to-date information about the challenges facing your profession
  • Exchange ideas and perspectives with other volunteer leaders from the Washington, DC and broader CFA community
CFAW values diversity in its leadership and welcomes candidates from all backgrounds. Potential board members may be evaluated on the following attributes:
  • Strategic Vision. Board members’ primary responsibility is to provide the strategic vision to lead the growth and influence of the society.
  • Prior leadership experience and positive leadership attributes. CFAW is looking for senior leaders that exhibit emotional intelligence, the ability to lead strategic initiatives and work collaboratively.
  • Developed professional network. Board members should be integrated into the Washington, DC investment management community and promote CFAW to constituents.
  • Time. Commitment to participate in 4 to 5 Board meetings a year plus attend major CFAW programs throughout the year, such as the Annual Dinner, Annual Meeting, ½-day and full-day conferences.
  • Industry Recognition. Recognized leader in the investment community. Examples include but are not limited to: commitment and involvement in the financial investment industry, Board service at an another association or Allied Society, acknowledged public speaker and/or author, etc.
  • Organizational Management. Relevant expertise in the disciplines of organizational management. Examples include: networking, fundraising, accounting, branding, and strategic alliances.
CFAW is a volunteer-focused organization – your contributions will have a direct impact on the local community. If you are interested in serving or know of potential board members you would like to recommend, please complete and submit the attached Nomination Form.
For questions, please contact me at
You must be a Regular Member in good standing and are eligible to serve on CFAW’s Board of Directors.
Nominations must be received no later than April 28,2022.

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