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Member Benefits

Society Opportunities, Tools, and Access

Industry Networking

There are networking opportunities at all CFAW events, plus a number of social events dedicated exclusively to networking.

Professional & Educational Events

Stay on top of industry trends by attending virtual or in-person programs on the hottest topics in investment management.

Professional Training Courses

The Society partners with top training providers to teach practical financial skills in an interactive classroom setting.

Business Hub

Explore our library of free downloadable content, including white papers, guides, research, industry analysis, and much more, provided by experts and vendors across financial services.

Members‑Only Activities & Events

CFAW hosts exclusive webcasts, networking happy hours, and soft skills training for members.

Career Management Resources

Develop an outstanding resume or learn how to pitch clients in a virtual setting - we’ve got the resources to help you grow.

Industry Job Board

Find or post financial job openings and recruit top candidates through our Career Center.

CFA Exam Prep Resources

CFAW partners with leading educational providers to ensure you are well prepared for Levels I, II and III.

Weekly Newsletter

Receive curated industry content and society news in the weekly Industry Brief newsletter.

Bi‑Monthly Events Update

Never miss an important event again with a summarized list of all upcoming Society events sent straight to your inbox.

Volunteer Opportunities

Get engaged by joining one of the Society’s volunteer committees or helping at an event.

Publicize Your Work

Published a report, article, or book? Let us know! We’ll feature your work in the Society newsletter or social media.

Member Types

Which type is right for you?

  • Regular Member

    $ 150.00 / year

    For CFA Charterholders

    Did you know?

    Regular members have the ability to vote and run for CFAW Board of Director positions.


    • CFA Institute Regular Membership
    • Passing score for Level I CFA Exam, CIPM Program Level II Exam, RBA Netherlands Exam, or self-administered Standards of Practice Exam
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • At least 4,000 hours of work experience in a minimum of 36 months
    • 2 or 3 professional references
    • Active in industry
  • Affiliate Member

    $ 150.00 / year

    For Emerging Professionals

    Did you know?

    You can still become a member if you do not meet the required work experience for regular membership, or do not intend to complete the CFA® Program.


    • CFA Institute Affiliate Membership
    • Passing score for Level I CFA Exam or self-administered Standards of Practice Exam
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • At least 4,000 hours of work experience in a minimum of 12 months
    • 2 or 3 professional references
    • Active in industry
  • Professional Leave Member

    $ 125.00 / year

    For Inactive CFA Institute Members

    Did you know?

    Regular or Affiliate members of the CFA Institute can apply for maternity leave, paternity leave, or retired status if you have been a member for over 5 years and are not currently active in the industry.


    • CFA Institute Professional Leave Membership
    • Not Currently Active in Industry
    • Request Retired Status on CFA Institute’s website
  • Student Member

    $ 50.00 / year

    For Enrolled College Students

    Did you know?

    Student members get access to member-only events such as resume, interview, and salary negotiation workshops in addition to building a network of investment industry professionals.


    • Enrolled in an accredited university in the Washington, DC area
    • Graduate student pursuing MBA’s/masters degrees in finance, investments, economics, and other finance-related fields, OR
    • Undergraduate, upper-class student pursuing a bachelor’s degree with a declared major of finance, economics, or other finance-related major.
    • Valid Student ID
    • Not for CFA charterholders
  • Candidate Member

    $ 100.00 / year

    For CFA® Program Candidates

    Did you know?

    Candidate members receive discounts on Exam Prep materials, courses, and mock exams, as well as access to member-only events.


    • Currently enrolled in the CFA® Program
    • Not for CFA charterholders
  • Industry Professional Member

    $ 150.00 / year

    For Industry Professionals

    Did you know?

    Investment professionals who do not intend to pursue the CFA® Charter, in addition to affiliated legal, accounting, and marketing professionals, can join the Society at any time.


    • Currently affiliated with the investment management industry
    • Not for CFA charterholders

Membership year is July 1 – June 30. Annual dues to CFA Institute may also apply.

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The CFA Institute Member Directory allows you to browse and search members to verify an individual’s status, locate a financial advisor, or contact a member if enabled.

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We Can’t Wait to Meet You

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