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FBI on Wall Street

FBI on Wall Street

A one of a kind presentation that uncovers the seminal investigation of Wall Street by the FBI and SEC. Learn how the FBI uncovered the biggest insider trading fraud in U.S. history and the challenges in bringing charges as well as the sophisticated techniques used to change an industry. Our speaker, Supervisory Special Agent David A. Chaves (retired) was senior FBI official assigned to the New York Division for twenty years. He has worked on many high-profile securities fraud cases including Bernie Madoff, Martha Stewart and Martin Shkreli.
Learning Objectives:
  • ​Learn how insider trading became the FBI’s top white-collar priority
  • Why the FBI turned to wire taps and recruitment of cooperators
  • Psychology of the insider trader: Bias optimism, behaviors, and tendencies
  • Learn CFA Institute’s definition of insider trading

David A. Chaves

David A. Chaves
Senior FBI Agent (Retired)

Michael McMillan

Michael G. McMillan, Ph.D., CPA, CFA, CCEP
Director, Ethics Education and Professional Standards, CFA Institute

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