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Is ESG Investing a Violation of Fiduciary Duty?

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ESG investing has garnered strong support from prominent figures like CEO Larry Fink making it the industry norm. But can an asset manager uphold their fiduciary duty to maximize the value of their client's investment while advancing social and political objectives? State officials across America don’t think so, taking public stands against ESG investing in an attempt…

Risks, Opportunities, and the Need for Agility: 2023 Asset Allocation Outlook

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Sébastien Page, CFA, Head of Global Multi-Asset and Chief Investment Officer at T. Rowe Price, will share key insights into navigating the coming year in the current macro environment. He will cover current multi-asset class positioning, historical context, and what could be important inflection points in the current regime that investors should pay attention to…

[Webinar] Professional Development Series: Public Speaking for Business Success

Whether you are talking to one person or a group of people, public speaking is the way that a business can reach potential customers on a personal level. Being able to comfortably speak in public is a key skill that people in the business world should possess. This is first in a series of webinars…

[Webcast] Choose Your Own Climate Future: Climate Simulator Workshop for Investors

The urgency to act on climate change is real and widely recognized. Governments, investors, and companies are pursuing “Net Zero” strategies, scrutinized through mandatory disclosure. Yet there remains a significant policy and technological uncertainty. Among the huge variety of technologies, business strategies, and public policies to support decarbonization, which will prevail and make a real…

CFAW Annual Member Meeting

CFA Society Washington, DC 1401 New York Ave NW, Suite 330, Washington, DC

Come join fellow CFAW members and celebrate the announcement of our new Board Chair and Directors and thank our outgoing Board members. This is our last major event before the summer vacation season begins and is always a popular event among members. Catch up with old friends and add contacts to your professional network, all…

[Webcast] Where to Hide Your Bonds: An Overview on Private Credit

Interest rates have risen dramatically in 2022 but remain low, especially when compared to elevated inflation levels. Investment-grade debt is still yielding less than inflation. Historically, most RIAs have focused on liquid, investment-grade bonds or ETFs and mutual funds that invest in liquid bonds to fulfill the fixed income mandate in client portfolios. Now, RIAs…

[Webcast] Energy Outlook and Investment Trends

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Please join us on Thursday, June 9th for a conversation to gain a better understanding of the potential expected returns, and risks, of investing now in the various energy markets. Given the policies of the Biden Administration and the political trends in the U.S., together with the recent changes in the geo-political environment (Russia Invasion of Ukraine, possibly of a renewed Iran Deal,…

2022 Economic Outlook

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These are indeed interesting times – two years of a global pandemic, unprecedented monetary and fiscal response, uncertainty over rising inflation, supply chain disruptions, shortage of workers, and potential tax increases in the U.S. Join CFAW to explore what economic trends might be in store for the US and global economies in 2022 as we…

Reflections on the 50-year Anniversary of the Index Fund

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Fifty years after the birth of the index fund, passive investing now accounts for more than $20 trillion, equal to the entire gross domestic product of the US, and is today a force reshaping markets, finance and even capitalism itself in myriad subtle but pivotal ways. Join Russ Wermers, Endowed Chair in Finance and Director…

The 60/40 Retail Portfolio: Bonds on the Chopping Block?

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Given the historically low interest rate environment ushered in by the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy response to the 2020 COVID-induced recession, investors are now looking at flat to negative real returns from an asset class that has been a backbone of portfolios for decades. Come listen to asset allocators discuss how they’re trying to solve…

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