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[Webcast] Energy Outlook and Investment Trends

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Please join us on Thursday, June 9th for a conversation to gain a better understanding of the potential expected returns, and risks, of investing now in the various energy markets. Given the policies of the Biden Administration and the political trends in the U.S., together with the recent changes in the geo-political environment (Russia Invasion of Ukraine, possibly of a renewed Iran Deal,…

Reflections on the 50-year Anniversary of the Index Fund

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Fifty years after the birth of the index fund, passive investing now accounts for more than $20 trillion, equal to the entire gross domestic product of the US, and is today a force reshaping markets, finance and even capitalism itself in myriad subtle but pivotal ways. Join Russ Wermers, Endowed Chair in Finance and Director…

The 60/40 Retail Portfolio: Bonds on the Chopping Block?

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Given the historically low interest rate environment ushered in by the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy response to the 2020 COVID-induced recession, investors are now looking at flat to negative real returns from an asset class that has been a backbone of portfolios for decades. Come listen to asset allocators discuss how they’re trying to solve…

2022 Asset Allocation Luncheon

Clyde's of Gallery Place 707 7th St NW, Washington, DC, United States

The level of fear and uncertainty in the future direction of the equity markets has never been greater and together with low interest rates, there is heavy discussion amongst organizations on how to achieve the best risk/reward returns over the next 5 to 30 years. Join CFAW's panel of Chief Investment Officers on November 18…

Data Science in Asset Management

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Practical Applications of Data Science in Asset Management – Demonstration of Tools and Use Cases Session I - 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EST Come learn how data science and machine learning are used in practice for asset management and forecasting from two practitioners in the field. We will take an interactive deep dive into…

Navigating Biden’s Tax Proposals

Tower Club - Tyson's Corner 8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Vienna, VA, United States

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Change might be the third. CFA Society Washington, DC is honored to welcome Mary Duffy, Managing Director of Andersen’s US National Tax office to the podium. Duffy will uncover some of these likely, if not certain, tax policy implications under the Biden Administration. In…

Emerging Markets Investment Outlook 2021

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The emerging markets equity landscape has greatly underperformed developed markets over the last decade despite higher rates of GDP growth. Many forces are challenging the development of these countries that didn’t exist 10 years ago such as environmental & human rights concerns, commodity price deflation, COVID-19, tariffs, and more. What is driving the potential for…

Economic Outlook: Real Estate

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There is no doubt that 2020 was a transformative year in the commercial real estate industry. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the pace of many changes that were already under way and has forced investors and tenants to completely rethink the way that space is used and the way that their businesses are run. Looking into…

Certificate in ESG Investing

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Are you interested in accelerating your career? With the Certificate in ESG Investing, you can master real-world investing skills, incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in your skillset. The Certificate in ESG Investing offers you both practical application and technical knowledge in the fast-growing field of ESG Investing - an opportunity to both accelerate…

U.S. Equities Boom or Bust Update 2021

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Current investment trends in the United States continue to shift almost daily and present contrasting sides of whether U.S. Equities are a bubble ready to implode or are a great buying opportunity that still offer the best long-term Investment available. Gabriel Petre, Lead Investment Strategist World Bank Pension Plans, and Jill Hall, CFA and U.S.…

SPAC Attack: Examining Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

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The recent IPO surge of special-purpose acquisition company (SPACs) is an important market development.  While the SPAC vehicle is not new, SPAC IPOs now comprise the majority of U.S. IPOs. The explosive growth continued into early 2021 and has raised concerns about whether the mania is reaching bubble proportions and whether disclosure and marketing practices offer adequate protections to…

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